Did You Know? (A Glimpse Inside the Horticulture Program)

2014-04-30 Albright Abby-Making Wedding Bouquets

When thinking about horticulture as it relates to academics, the first thoughts might be of studying different types of plants or maybe proper landscaping techniques. While it's true that students in Malena Perry's Horticulture program do these things, they also participate in more practical activities. 

One of these practical experiences involves taking orders for weddings and prom. For weddings, students make everything from the table arrangements, to corsages and boutonniers, to bridal party bouquets. Mostly seniors handle a wedding order, and the student responsible for taking the order manages it, making sure all the necessary floral supplies are available and that the quality is excellent. Seniors work on the majority of an order, while first and second year students work on some of the smaller tasks. 

Abby Albright (pictured above) is currently managing one of these wedding projects. "We have the variety of a normal florist," she said. "As long as brides come in at least three weeks before the wedding, we can have any type of flowers they want."

Students in Ms. Perry's class also provide corsages and boutonnieres for prom. Ms. Albright notes that the classroom is usually hectic due to prom falling in the midst of a large wedding season.

Anyone seeking floral arrangements, whether for weddings or other occasions (Mother's Day is approaching quickly!) can call (717) 697-0354 ext. 145 for more information. 


CPAVTS Students Compete at SkillsUSA

2014-04-22 SkillsUSA Competition Team

Accompanied by their advisor, Ann Burk, students traveled to Hershey, PA last week to take part in the Pennsylvania SkillsUSA Leadership Conference like they do every year. Four supported their fellow CPAVTS students outside the competition: Lexi Deimler, Jaime Buechel, and Rachel Engle volunteered as voting delegates, while Shawn Guyer participated as part of the Courtesy Corps.

The remaining students tested their skills against contestants from other vocational technical institutions in Pennsylvania. These were the results:

Lydia Anderson--1st place in Restaurant Service (Culinary)

Kyle Potteiger--2nd place in Graphic Communications

Colton Bear--3rd place in HVAC

Dominick DeSimone--4th place in Precision Machine Technology

Sarah Fisher--5th place in Basic Health Care Skills

Randy Gehrke--6th place in Welding

Kayla Ramos--7th place in Commercial Baking (Culinary)

Daniele Hebert--9th place in Dental Assisting

Lydia Anderson will be advancing to the national level competition in June. Congratulations to the SkillsUSA team on their successes!

Program Spotlight - Childcare and Guidance

Nancy Reitzel joined the CPAVTS staff 6 months ago as our new Childcare and Guidance instructor. Nancy brings a vast amount of experience with her, including serving as a substitute teacher for 3 years in the West Shore and East Pennsboro School Districts, as well as 15 years as a preschool teacher at Camp Hill United Methodist Church. Nancy was also a music teacher for elementary and middle schools in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Virginia and has served as a child choir/bell choir director. We are happy to have Nancy on our teaching staff! Here are a few things that she has to say about the program:

What are some of the more common career pathways your students take when they leave CPAVTS? The most common career path is daycare work. There are many other career paths from childcare, including school psychologist, children’s advocate in social work, school counselor, early childhood educator, and children’s speech therapist.

Read more: Program Spotlight - Childcare and Guidance


2014-04-15 HVAC NOCTI TestingEvery year, seniors at CPAVTS demonstrate the skills they've accumulated over the past three years during their NOCTI tests. These tests are designed to assess students' overall proficiency with the techniques learned in their chosen programs.

For one day, the entire school falls virtually silent, save for the clattering of pans in Culinary, the knocking of hammers in Carpentry, and the whirring of power tools in ECM. And overall, CPAVTS's students perform very well on their NOCTI's.

With NOCTI Day over, seniors can focus on the rest of the knowledge they need to graduate and enter their chosen fields--whether that involves moving immediately into the workplace or continuing their education at a university. Congratulations to the seniors who completed their exams!





Pictured: (above) HVAC students Dalton Gettys and Ron Fisher work with their Instructor, Mr. Pokrivka, and John Trayer of Zimmerman Plumbing.

(Below and left) Chef Dave Gurdus supervises Josh Arvey and Jessica Crowing in Culinary; (Below and right) Mr. Brubaker's ECM class construct circuits for their NOCTI.



2014-04-15 CUL NOCTI Testing

2014-04-15 ECM NOCTI Testing

Cooperative Education Spotlight - Tyson Darhower

Sandblasting, painting, priming, taping and masking vehicles and parts, sanding, and installing custom parts on vehicles are all skills Tyson Darhower acquired while attending the Automotive Collision Technology program here at Cumberland Perry AVTS. Tyson, a senior from Big Spring High School, is currently putting those skills to good use at Line-X of Cumberland County while his classmates attend CPAVTS. Tyson is currently participating in the Cooperative Education program at CPAVTS and taking full advantage of the “Earn while you Learn” opportunity. Tyson states that no two days are the same and that he loves seeing the finished product. The transition from the classroom to the workplace has been a successful one. Line-X is looking forward to Tyson becoming a full-time member of their team after graduation.