Coop Spotlight- October 2016

Cooperative Education Spotlight-Daegan Donbaugh

Coop Spotlight October 2016

Electrical discharge machines (EDM), DIN style terminals, Infinite switch connectors, and Shunt wires are foreign and complex to most people, but to Daegan Donbaugh they are a part of his everyday life.  Daegan, a senior from East Pennsboro High School enrolled in the Precision Machine Technology program, is currently participating in the Cooperative Education program here at CPAVTS.  He reports to JST Corporation, a global leader in manufacturing of interconnection products, in Middletown several days a week to put the finishing touches to his High School education.  While he is there, he will apply many of the skills he acquired during his tenure in the PMT program.  The rest of his week is spent in the classroom and on the shop floor mastering The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) competencies.  Daegan plans to continue working for JST Corp. after graduation and then take his skillset to a trade school next fall.  JST Corp was looking for a young and energetic tradesman and Daegan was looking for a position to apply his skills, so this placement was a Win/Win!

Catching Up With... Brianna Thompson '12

Brianna Thompson, Class of 2012, 

East Pennsboro High School, Nursing Assistant


Brianna Thompson is a 2012 graduate of East Pennsboro High School and CPAVTS.Brianna was a student in our Nursing alumni spotlight oct. 16Assistant Program and is currently employed with Giant Food Store/Pharmacy Department, where she is involved in many aspects of the Pharmacology field, including input, inventory, filling and insurance information, related to perscriptions. This job was brought to her attention while she was a student at CPAVTS, and through her experience she has fallen in love with the Pharmacology field. She is also a Nursing Assistant Program OAC member at CPAVTS. When asked a few questions regarding her company and industry this is what she had to say:


What is your job title and what do you do?


"I am a pharmacy technician. I input perscriptions, bill insurances, fill perscriptions and work on controlling the inventory of medication that we have at our facility."


What other jobs have you had related to your Program area at CPAVTS?


"Working in the Pharmacy has been my only industry job since having been at Votech."


What additional education and training did you receive since leaving Votech? And where did you receive it?


"I have attended Harrisburg Area Community College, since leaving Votech. I am continuing to my Pharmacology classes. I will be transferring to Pharmocology School in the fall of 2017. CPAVTS was very helpful in continuing my education, because I was able to provide me with College Credits that I could transfer to HACC."


How was Cumberland Perry Different then your regular high school?


"Cumberland Perry was better for me than regular high school because it it provided me with hands-on experience with classmates that shared my same goals."


What is your favorite CPAVTS Memory?


"My favorite memory, is of the lifelong friends I made, and the numerous events I competed in over my three years there."




Tech at CPAVTS

safelite demo 

Safelite Auto Glass and Automotive Technology Colloboration


Pat Midgley and other members of  Safelite Auto Glass present Automotive Technologystudents with a demonstration covering modern windshield replacement procedures and updates about other current industry trends. Pat Midgley and CPAVTS  Auto-Tech Instructor, Jared Comeau were discussing ways to help the students and to get them interested. The demo covers winshield replacement and some general, important parts of the industry. Pat and Jared also work together to get students into the Safelite training program—an eight week program that provides training in the auto tech/auto collision fields—by informing Jared of when the training will be taking place and helping get kids involved. Students present at the demo were from Auto Tech, Auto Collision, and ECM.

Rotary Students of the Month-October 2016

Rotary Students October 2016Austin Sipe is an East Pennsboro Student in the Horticulture/Landscaping Program. He is a member of FFA (Secretary) and competed in FFA State Competition. He is also a member of the National Association of Homebuilders. He participates in Baseball and Wrestling through East Pennsboro. He also placed 2nd in his landscaping design and 3rd for his Poinsettia entry at the PA Farm Show for his Horiculture submissions. He plans to attend college and continue to study Landscaping.

Summer Shunk is a Greenwood Student in our Nursing Program. She is a member of Health Occupations Students of America/HOSA, CPAVTS. She has be recongnized as an Honor Roll Student at CPAVTS. She plans to continue her education and attend Harrisburg Area Community College to become a Radiology Technician.

Romy Carter is a Cedar Cliff Student in the Dental Assistant Program. She is a member of Bible Club, FCA, Fine Arts AG, Youth Group at the Movement, Christian Life Assembly and participates in Missions work in Greece. She plays Tennis for Cedar Cliff and is a member of NHS/Cedar Cliff, NTHS/CPAVTS and was recongnized at Student of the Quarter and Honor Roll for CPAVTS. She plans to attend a two year college for Dental Hygiene.

Program Spotlight - Computer Networking

09-22-16 CN FeatureComputer Networking is a program brand-new to CPAVTS this year. It focuses on the design, implementation, and management of linked systems of computers, peripherals, and associated software to maximize productivity—in short, students will learn the more complex and challenging aspects of various network systems. Mr. Trayer is working hard to transition both old and new students into the program, and has the curriculum all mapped out to provide the instruction needed to succeed in the workplace after graduation. Here is what he has to say:


What is the most significant aspect of the program?


“Obtaining a CISCO certification. CISCO basically runs the internet—it’s  major player when talking about routers and switches, and they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to producing those devices. It’s basically the Duracell of this industry; they’re the most trusted brand out there. Employers trust them, and anyone who can pass their certification (it’s a very difficult certification to pass!) can basically work anywhere.”

What are some potential career/post-secondary pathways students might take after they graduate from this program?


“PC Support Technicians, Computer Network Architects, Computer Networking Support Specialists, and Networking Computer System Administrators.”

What training will students get from the program that employers seek and that will help them get their foot in the door?

“They’ll be working towards their A+ certification, which is for computer repair and support. There’s also their CISCO CCNA certification, which is the most significant. And finally they’ll learn the fundamentals of how networks operate, how to set up routers and switches, and how to set up long-distance networks.”

What will be the most challenging topic/unit for students to handle?

“CISCO routing and switching. This year will be their easiest year; next year they move on to networking fundamentals, and routing and switching. It’s all text-based programming—basically taking all of the coded commands that happen when you click a button on your computer and manually telling the computer to do that for you.”

Explain a typical day in the classroom:


“A typical day starts with the students coming in and taking attendance, then I usually have an assignment, or a demonstration and an assignment for them. Once they receive their assignments, they log onto the online course campus and complete those. There’s usually some sort of lecture or demonstration every day along with their assignments.”

This is what our students—one continuing from last year and one beginning fresh this year— have to say about the program:

What is your favorite topic that’s been covered so far?
“Computer disassembly.”

“Learning about the components inside of a computer.”


What topic are you looking forward to covering the most?

“Computer assembly so I can learn how to build my own!”

“Learning how to apply for jobs and how these topics we’re covering will help me in the future.”