Students Place First at Computer Fair for a Second Time!

5-25-17 Computer Fair 2The PA Computer Fair State Competition is an annual event where students from high schools and career and technical schools across the state show off their skills in design, animation, and programming. The 2017 competition marks the second year in a row that students from Wendy Lenker-Badorf’s Advertising Art and Design program have earned first in the graphic design category.

Participating students were asked to design a logo and promotional materials for a pet-related business. Natalia from Upper Adams School District and Kaitlyn from Newport won first place with their “Pawpular Palace” pet boutique concept.

“We started with the name and went from there!” said Kaitlyn on their design process. “For our brochure, we chose a phone design since it’s something people use every day and something everyone can relate to.”

The process of design from brainstorming ideas to the final product teaches the students about typography, color theory, layout skills, new software skills, and the process of designing promotional materials for a business. Most of all, the students learn about teamwork and the pressure of competition from regionals to the state competition. Said Mrs. Lenker-Badorf:

 “I think the most impressive part was that this is the second year in a row for us [winning the competition]. The girls were confident in their project, and it showed.”

Since the competition was hosted at Dickinson College, not only did the students get hands-on experience with design work, they were also able to get a feel for a postsecondary setting. Approximately twenty other Pennsylvania schools competed alongside theirs.

“There was a lot of pressure,” said Natalia. “There were a lot of people with a lot of great designs.”

Alongside the two first place winners was Jamie, another Newport student, who won third place in the logo design category. Congratulations to this year’s competitors for their hard work! 


Some additional photos of the projects:

5-25-17 Computer Fair 1 5-25-17 Computer Fair 3

Program Spotlight- Advertising, Art & Design

 program spotlight- may 2017

In the world of design, being at the top of your game is essential to landing the best job opportunities. At CPAVTS, our Advertising Art and Design instructor, Mrs. Lenker-Badorf, enhances her students’ natural talent with critiques and exposure to many different techniques for design. Students cultivate artistic skill- sets in illustration, photography, digital media design, web and sign design, and many more available areas.

Through our program spotlight questionnaire, we are better able to understand exactly what knowledge students acquire in the classroom and the most essential components of advertising that graduating students should focus on for success in this trade.


Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Lenker-Badorf

What is the most significant new or different aspect to your program this year?

“This summer, our program will be receiving a new Mac Pro lab. The students are going to have brand new computers with 24” cinema displays. This will be perfect for the design and layout software used in the lab.”


What are some of the more common career pathways your students take when they leave CPAVTS?

“Many of the students graduating from Advertising Art & Design attend two and four year colleges before obtaining work in the industry. I have graduates working in Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography, Illustration, Web Design, and Sign Design companies all over the US. There are students who go directly to work. They are either hired from co-op jobs they worked at throughout the school year or they can start their own freelance design business.”


What is some of the recent technology and/or trends in the profession with which students become familiar?

“Standard technology is using Adobe Creative Suite software for digital file preparation for layout and design jobs, digital media design and large format design. Recently, we have placed two students on full time jobs working with large format layout and print work.”


Explain a typical day in your program.

“Students arrive to see a plan for the day on the whiteboard. There are 3 levels of learning so it is important to keep instruction and plans organized per level. Each student has a workstation and typically can begin working on a project or assignment without much instruction. The instructor works mostly in small groups for instructional theory or demonstration lessons. Some students are working independently on client work. They are working toward software certifications by completing interactive lessons on their computer. Students also participate in college visits, fieldtrips to industry-related sites, guest speaker presentations, community service projects, and club activities throughout the school year. You will often see students gathered together critiquing one another’s design work, which is a necessary part of the business. “


What unit/topic do students struggle with the most in your program and why do you think that is?

“Students struggle with the concept of creating work to please clients as opposed to pleasing themselves. They receive feedback from their instructor posing as the client. Students are used to creating artwork and design for themselves and how they like it to look. In this environment the students have many opportunities to perform jobs for outside clients. They meet with them to discuss ideas and get feedback from clients as they would if they were working in industry. This gives them a “real world” experience, which is unique to the CPAVTS environment.”


What particular training/unit do employers seek that help students get their foot in the door?

“Overall, employers are looking for students with a good work ethic who have the ability to complete a task or design job from start to finish. Students should have good problem solving and communication skills along with the ability to render design ideas using the most current industry trends and software.”


How many years have you been at CPAVTS?

“I will begin my 30th year of teaching this fall. Wow, did I just say 30?”


What was your experience before coming to CPAVTS?

“I was a Graphic Designer with a firm in Harrisburg. I gained experience by working with accounts such as Hershey, Harsco, True Temper, Masland Carpets, Tyco, and many other large corporations. We designed everything from logos to annual reports. Learning this trade before computers came along has helped teach the students the history behind the digital process we use now. The building of the design work is different but the process is the same from design to print. I also do freelance design occasionally.”


What advice would you give students who have completed your program?

“I encourage students to follow their passion when it comes to this field. I teach them that they can make a living doing something they love through hard work and determination. I teach them manners, business etiquette, and to always be kind.”




Summarize what you learn in your program in ONE SENTENCE.

“I learn how to use multiple programs and how to properly create a graphic design using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.”

“How to say something without words.”

“The elements and principles of graphic design.”


What is the hardest part of your program?

“Painting with gouache paints for the color wheel project.”

“Certification tests and some live jobs.”

“I found matting to be the hardest part.”

“The hardest part of the program is balancing tech work, with homeschool, work and extracurricular activities.”


What is the most fun part of your program?

“The fine art projects, though rare, it is so nice to work with my hands rather than a keyboard and mouse.”

“The most fun part of our program is when we talk about our work as a group.”

“Graphic design in general- I really enjoy it!”


What is some recent technology you are learning to use in your program that is specific to your profession?

“Adobe CC 2017 programs: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.”

“New tech would have to be Adobe Illustrator. There is always something new to learn.”


What is your plan for after high school?

“I plan to continue my education at HACC in the graphic design programs.”

“Attending Pennsylvania College of Art & Design for Fine Arts.”

“I plan on being a tattoo artist.”

“I plan to go to HACC for photography, and then to further my knowledge in Graphic Design, Character Design, and Illustrator in my spare time.”

“Attend Millersville University, to major in Interactive and Graphic Design, to obtain a Bachelor of Design degree.”

“My plan after high school is to go to college for Culinary and Business, so I can run my own bakery shop.”


What is going to be the highlight of the year in your program?

“The highlight of the year was getting and finishing my first live job.”

“Getting accepted to my major at Millersville University.”

“The highlight of the year would be the self-portraits.”


What are you proud of learning how to do in your program?

“I’m proud of being proficient in professional software.”

“Graphic Design as a whole; how to layout properly…basically everything I learned here.”


Explain a typical day in your program.

“It is all hands-on, independent work, on whatever we’re working on. There is hardly a single minute wasted on just sitting around.”

“You first go to your locker and get your stuff for the day. Then go to your seat and open your binder, so you can write on a job ticket. Next you look at the whiteboard assignments to see what you should be doing for the day and get started on that task.”


How is your program at CPAVTS different from other classes you have had in the past?

“I think that this class is more structured and also changes your perspective on art.”

“It actually helps prepare for our career/future, by having us work with clients, and bringing in adults who have graduated and are now working in that profession.”

“We don’t learn to test, we learn to learn.”


What advice would you give to a beginning level 1 student who is just starting the program or to a student who is considering enrolling in the program?

“Listen to every detail the teacher says. Read all instruction before asking questions. Ask the teacher for help if needed.”

“Stay caught up and always read and follow the directions. It’s a great program, but if you can’t follow the directions, you will have an extremely hard time.”

“Don’t come in thinking you can slack off or doodle your way through the course. This is a serious shop and you’re going to learn some harsh truths…but it’s worth it!!!”


Cooperative Education Spotlight- Brock Jumper

coop spotlight may 2017


Brock Jumper, a senior from Big Spring High School, already has a leg up on his graduating classmates. He is currently employed by Central Penn Plumbing Services, Inc. and has a full time position waiting for him. After 2.5 years of classroom training, simulated work experience, and hands on projects in the HVAC shop at CPAVTS, his instructor recommended him for an open Cooperative Education position with Central Penn Plumbing. This real world training has allowed Brock to make the transition to the workforce without missing a beat. He has a knack for knowing exactly what to do thanks to his training, but also has a great supporting cast with his onsite mentors in the event he needs assistance. Reading wiring diagrams, assisting with HVAC new construction installs, assisting with plumbing installation, and general troubleshooting are all part of what Brock can be seen doing on any given day. No job is too big or too small with his team: Just last week, they finished installing an HVAC system in a new construction home that featured 8,000 square feet of living space! When asked what he likes about his job, he stated he loves the uniqueness of every job site, the people he works with, and the actual ‘hands on’ part of the job.  Brock made a decision as a 9th grader to attend CPAVTS and chose the HVAC program because he knew he would always have a trade that made him employable. That’s pretty smart thinking for a 14 year old!!!


Catching Up With...Ashley Leiby, Class of '12 and Hanna Hoffman, Class of '15

alumni spotlight may 2017

"Ashley Leiby: Class of 2012 (West Perry High School, Cosmetology)

"Hanna Hoffman: Class of 2015 (West Perry High School, Cosmetology)


Ashley Leiby is a 2012 graduate of CPAVTS's Cosmetology Program and West Perry High School. Hanna Hoffman is a 2015 graduate of CPAVTS's Cosmetology Program and West Perry High School as well.

These ladies recently visited their previous program area at Cumberland Perry. They spoke to current CPAVTS students in cosmetology and shared their industry input, representing their current employers.

They were both gracious enough to also be our final alumni spotlights for this school year.


Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“Holiday Bronze.”- Ashley Leiby         

“So much fun! Hard work, educational and rewarding.”- Hanna Hoffman


What is your job title and what do you do?

“Stylist.”-Ashley Leiby

“Hairstylist, color hair, perm, cut, face wax.”- Hannah Hoffman


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPAVTS? Where did you receive it?

“Training through Regis/Holiday Bronze.”- Ashley Leiby

“Regis offers chemical classes, hair cutting classes.”- Hanna Hoffman


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“It was more helpful with my career choice.”- Ashley Leiby

“More straight forward and focused on what you want.”- Hanna Hoffman


How has your industry changed since your time at Cumberland Perry?

“In the case of the cosmetology industry, it changes every day.”- Ashley Leiby

“Longer hours, time efficiency and more clients.”- Hanna Hoffman


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“There are so many favorites to try to pick one.”- Ashley Leiby

“The competitions”- Hanna Hoffman

Safety Day 2017 Kicks Off on May 12!

Safety Day 2016

Safety Day has been a staple at CPAVTS for several years now, and is one of the most important days of the school year. Not only is it a great opportunity for students to interact with their peers in other programs, it’s also a fantastic learning experience from professionals in their community.

“The mounted section of the police will be here again this year,” said Madelyn Harbold, a senior and organizer of this year’s events. “We’ll also have the Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue again, and a car cutting.”

Every year, local firefighters demonstrate how they dismantle a vehicle to rescue anyone who might be trapped inside during an accident. Each Safety Day event also features representatives from virtually every military branch along with various local awareness organizations, such as Bikers Against Child Abuse and Narcotics Anonymous. Charles Hall, the Cumberland County coroner, will also be in attendance and providing his career insights to Criminal Justice students.

The day is not all business—it’s also a day for students to relax at the end of a stressful school year. Student organizations will be setting up shop, most notably Horticulture’s ice cream stand and Dental Assisting’s dunk tank, which is a new feature this year. For a small fee, students can purchase balls which they can throw in an attempt to dunk a (willing!) teacher participant.

Overall, the day is a fun and informative time for students and staff that breaks away from the typical class schedule and gets everyone involved with members of their community.

Said Madelyn, “A lot of kids are interested in the military, and we have almost every branch coming. This is how a student last year got involved in the service. It’s also just a great day to relax, and we can talk to our friends in other programs.”