Students must come to class in their uniforms, as they will not have a place to change in the classroom. If the student does not plan to wear a shirt/sweatshirt to school daily, then a zipped lab jacket or lab jacket is recommended. Students can keep the zipped jacket or lab coat inside their lockers and put it on at the beginning of class.


Included in the price:

All items will have the school logo embroidered on the front left chest and the Advertising Art & Design logo will be screen printed larger on the back. Both will appear white on a black uniform.

Additional Cost: $3.00 will be charged if the student chooses to have their name embroidered on the front (Mark on order form).


NOTE: Uniforms will be delivered to the school. Students can collect them during the first week of class.

  • Students should purchase a lab coat for class est. cost is $25 at QUEST CUSTOM EMBROIDERY.
  • Students may also choose to wear a T-shirt with the program logo, also available at QUEST CUSTOM EMBROIDERY.
  • Name Badges must be worn at all times.  These will be provided by CPAVTS.