CPAVTS Awards Night

May 21, 2019

** LOCATION:  Christian Life Assembly, 2645 Lisburn Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011

Students:  Please read the following instructions for the Awards Program.  Remember that this is a special evening for CPAVTS students, their families, and friends.  Students are expected to conduct themselves as adults, respecting their families, friends, and classmates.  Excessive talking, calling out, and inappropriate behavior and dress will not be tolerated.

Arrive between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Please park in the main lot, on the EAST side, of Christian Life Assembly’s property.  Students should enter the facility and follow the signs to the CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER.  Students will assemble in the gymnasium inside the CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER.  Find your program in the CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER and line up alphabetically. Students, parents and all CPAVTS guests should park in the EAST parking lot.

The Awards Program begins at 6:30 PM sharp.

Appropriate dress is required. Students are encouraged to dress in professional attire they would wear to a job interview.  Any student not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to participate in the event.  Appropriate dress options include:

           a) Ladies: Dress pants with modest top or blouse, a knee length dress, or a skirt with modest blouse or top are good choices.  Low heels should be worn due to the steps.

NO:  Short skirts, excessively tight skirts/shirts/dresses, strapless tops or dresses, tank tops, cleavage or belly exposure, flip-flops.  

           b) Gentlemen: Dress pants, dress shoes, sports coat and tie(optional), and buttoned shirt.

NO:  Jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, or sneakers.

Please be advised this is an awards ceremony, not a graduation. Students are still required to attend CPAVTS after the Awards Night per their sending-schools’ official schedule/completion dates.      

*CPAVTS Administration reserves the right to have students change attire or not participate in the Awards Ceremony if dressed inappropriately.

PLEASE look your best for yourself, your family and our school.   If you are unsure if your attire is appropriate, please check with Dr. Shuman BEFORE May 20th.