Masonry - archway work

What is Masonry?

The Masonry program provides the fundamental skills needed to work with bricks and blocks. Students learn brick and block laying; mortar mixing; scaffold construction; building construction; the proper use of masonry tools; and how to read blueprints to determine an accurate layout following the builder's specifications. Additionally, students check alignment and positioning of bricks by using a dry course; check for horizontal or vertical straightness by using a mason's level; gauge lines, and plumb lines; and use story gauge rods to check work. Special emphasis is placed on mortar mixing and proper spreading of mortar to ensure accurate spacing of the joints. Students learn the safe use and proper care of hand tools such as trowels, jointers, rules, squares, brickhammer, mason levels, and gauge lines.

Watch the following video to learn more about masonry and other construction trades:

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For more information on the opportunities available through this program, please refer to the "College Credits" and "Industry Certifications" links to the left. Watch this video to find out what a CPAVTS education means for you! 



Program Objectives 

  1. Complete PA Deptartment of Education POS (Program of Study)
  2. Complete NOCTI Competencies
  3. Obtain Industry Certifications (OSHA 10, Offroad Forklift, NAHB)
  4. Earn College in the High School Credits (Pennsylvania College of Technology)
  5. Industry Visit (Level 1)
  6. Post-Secondary Visit (Level 2)
  7. Complete Internship                                                                                                                                                                      

Level 1 

Certifications: OSHA 10, NAHB



  • 100s: Demonstrate Knowledge of the Masonry Training Lab
  • 200s: Proper Safety Practices
  • 400s: Demonstrate Proper Use of Masonry Hand Tools
  • 900s: Demonstrate Proper Block Laying Techniques
  • 1000s: Mix and Spread Mortar


Level 2

Certifications: NAHB, Offroad Forklift, OSHA 10



  • 500s: Prepare a Building Site
  • 600s: Demonstrate the Safe Use of Power Tools
  • 700s: Use Masonry Fastners
  • 800s: Demonstrate Proper Bricklaying Techniques
  • 900s: Demonstrate Proper Blocklaying Techniques
  • 1000s: Mix and Spread Mortar

Level 3 

Certifications: NAHB, Offroad Forklift, OSHA 10

  • Offroad Forklift (Telehandler) Operator Training Program
  • Proper Blocklaying Techniques
  • Construct Residential Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Perform Arch Construction
  • Estimate Masonry Work

OPTION 1: Penn College Dual Enrollment (MCT 115: Masonry Principles)

OPTION 2: Cooperative Education





Is it for You?

Students interested in this program should like working with hand tools and building materials and enjoy seeing the physical results of their work. Masons may work alone or with others and may supervise a helper; they may work inside or outside and are exposed to such hazards as falls from high places, injury from falling objects and strains from improper lifting. Depending on the climate, masons may be employed year round or on a seasonal basis. Successful professionals in this field possess the following skills:

  • No major physical handicaps.
  • Basic math skills and read a ruler down to 1/16" of an inch.
  • Desire to work outside and do physical work.
  • An eye for straight lines and proportion.
  • Good manual dexterity and physical coordination.

For more information on this program's objectives, please visit the "Task List" link to the left.


What's Next?


Potential Career Pathways

* Salaries listed are PA state averages taken from and are accurate as of 2020.

Stonemasons ($46,130)

First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades & Extraction Workers ($31.96/hr.)

Cement Masons & Concrete Finishers ($54,910)

Brickmasons & Blockmasons ($26.06/hr.)

Construction Managers ($46.04/hr.)

Cement Masons/Concrete Finishers ($54,240)

...and many more

Post-Secondary Studies

*Some employment options may require additional study.

Penn College: Building Construction Technology - Masonry, Construction Management

Thaddeus Stevens: Masonry Construction Technology