2014-03-28 AUTO-C Detailing FundraiserWhat happens when high school students are asked to think up a fundraising idea? They get creative, and they put the skills they've been learning to good use.

Every program at Cumberland Perry AVTS has been tasked with deciding on a charity to donate to and a fundraiser to generate money to donate For it's part, the Automotive Collision Technology program decided on detailing vehicles for a $5 donation--that's a full wash, vaccuum, and window cleaning for $5, and all proceeds go to benefit Paul Walker's Reach Out Worldwide, an organization dedicated to providing relief efforts in times of disaster.

Reach Out Worldwide takes individuals with a "first responder skillset" (those working in logistics, heavy equipment operation, healthcare, and other related fields) and sends them to use their expertise in helping those whose lives and homes have been devastated by natural disasters.

Every Friday from March 28 through May 23 (excluding Good Friday, April 18), Automotive Collision students are accepting cars to detail. It's the perfect time to give your car a spring cleaning while helping people in need!


A short video of students detailing vehicles--They were moving around so busily it was difficult to find a good time to record!