2014-04-08 CIS Childs Play Charity

Child's Play is a charity that cooperates with local hospitals to generate wish lists for children and then raise money to buy as many items as possible on the lists. It seems straightforward--but the method used to obtain these funds is anything but ordinary.

Supporters of the charity develop fundraising events centered around gaming of all kinds, from board to video. Participants hold internet telethons during which they hold video game tournaments or game marathons while others organize a themed game night or dinner events. The possibilities are nearly endless, and for the students in CPAVTS' Computer Information Systems program, their idea was to hold a virtual paintball tournament.

The game is a first person shooter style game utilizing maps full of obstacles one might find in a real paintball arena, and those donating could pay one dollar to choose the upgrades being used, which map would be played, and could buy-in to play themselves. In the end, the students raised $81 which they will use to purchase toys and games for children at the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.

Although this fundraiser didn't meet the goal instructor Chris Champion set forth, students, such as Taylor Heilman, are hopeful that they will get another opportunity in the future. "This was fun!" she said. "So I definitely hope we can do it again sometime!"

Despite their goal not being met, Mr. Champion's students demonstrated that the methods one might typically associate with fundraising do not need to be the only way to raise money--and that even video games can be put to work for a worthy cause!

A Moment's Rest: Brandon Spalding and Taylor Heilman (pictured above) take some time to demonstrate the virtual paintball program used to benefit Child's Play