2014-04-15 HVAC NOCTI TestingEvery year, seniors at CPAVTS demonstrate the skills they've accumulated over the past three years during their NOCTI tests. These tests are designed to assess students' overall proficiency with the techniques learned in their chosen programs.

For one day, the entire school falls virtually silent, save for the clattering of pans in Culinary, the knocking of hammers in Carpentry, and the whirring of power tools in ECM. And overall, CPAVTS's students perform very well on their NOCTI's.

With NOCTI Day over, seniors can focus on the rest of the knowledge they need to graduate and enter their chosen fields--whether that involves moving immediately into the workplace or continuing their education at a university. Congratulations to the seniors who completed their exams!





Pictured: (above) HVAC students Dalton Gettys and Ron Fisher work with their Instructor, Mr. Pokrivka, and John Trayer of Zimmerman Plumbing.

(Below and left) Chef Dave Gurdus supervises Josh Arvey and Jessica Crowing in Culinary; (Below and right) Mr. Brubaker's ECM class construct circuits for their NOCTI.



2014-04-15 CUL NOCTI Testing

2014-04-15 ECM NOCTI Testing