2014-04-30 Albright Abby-Making Wedding Bouquets

When thinking about horticulture as it relates to academics, the first thoughts might be of studying different types of plants or maybe proper landscaping techniques. While it's true that students in Malena Perry's Horticulture program do these things, they also participate in more practical activities. 

One of these practical experiences involves taking orders for weddings and prom. For weddings, students make everything from the table arrangements, to corsages and boutonniers, to bridal party bouquets. Mostly seniors handle a wedding order, and the student responsible for taking the order manages it, making sure all the necessary floral supplies are available and that the quality is excellent. Seniors work on the majority of an order, while first and second year students work on some of the smaller tasks. 

Abby Albright (pictured above) is currently managing one of these wedding projects. "We have the variety of a normal florist," she said. "As long as brides come in at least three weeks before the wedding, we can have any type of flowers they want."

Students in Ms. Perry's class also provide corsages and boutonnieres for prom. Ms. Albright notes that the classroom is usually hectic due to prom falling in the midst of a large wedding season.

Anyone seeking floral arrangements, whether for weddings or other occasions (Mother's Day is approaching quickly!) can call (717) 697-0354 ext. 145 for more information.