ECM 1-18-17Hands-on work is a major part of every CPAVTS program, but working in a lab setting, as demonstrated by Cumberland Valley student Brandon to the right, still isn’t the same as a real work environment. As the other programs do, the students in Jason Baney’s Electrical Construction and Maintenance program have found creative ways to get real-world experience—and have been helping their school in the process.

Over the past few years, ECM students have assisted with various repairs and projects on school grounds. Recently, they completed the electric work for a new exhaust fan in the Welding program and changed the lighting in the level one Nursing classroom.

“Everything I do in class is in a controlled environment, and there’s only so much I can teach them in the lab.” said Mr. Baney, “But when I send them into the school to work, they have to think on their feet.”

Other projects that the students have assisted with include installing lighting in the Horticulture greenhouses; installing the x-ray machine in Dental Assisting; running electricity for the exhaust systems in Cosmetology and Masonry; running the wiring for the exterior school doors near Early Childhood Education; and running electricity for both the new CNC machine in the Precision Machine Technology lab area and for two new car lifts in Automotive Technology.

Said Colby, another Cumberland Valley student, of his experience in the program: “When we work in the classroom, it’s not the same as the situations we face outside. In the shop, we deal with simple problems, but outside the shop, we run wiring longer and deal with pipes that aren’t perfectly cut—we deal with more complex problems that can’t be simulated in the lab.”

There are many other projects that Mr. Baney’s students have already completed, and he is constantly on the lookout for more opportunities where they can help out around the building. The students also installed the charging station in the parking lot outside their classroom—you can read more about that project here!