Coop Spotlight February 2017

Chance Rayhart, a senior from Big Spring High School, starts his work day before most of his classmates are even out of bed.  Every day he is awake by 5:30 and putting his skillset to good use by 6:30.  He is currently enrolled in the Electrical Construction Maintenance program here at Cumberland Perry AVTS and employed by BBEC, Inc.  After 2 years of classroom training, simulated work experience, and hands on projects in the ECM shop at CPAVTS, his instructor recommended him for an open Cooperative Education position with BBEC.  The transition from the classroom to the workforce was a smooth one thanks greatly to the live projects he assisted with throughout the building.  Roughing in walls and ceilings, cutting and bending pipe, bending conduit, and pulling wires are all tasks he performs on a daily bases with his entry level position.  When asked what he likes about his job, he stated he loves the uniqueness of every job site, the people he works with, and the actual ‘hands on’ part of the job.  Chance made a decision as a 9th grader to attend CPAVTS and encouraged by his dad to ‘check out’ ECM.  From there, he has excelled in all aspects of the trade and will soon be employed full time.