2-16-17 Builders Show CarpentryThe PA Home Show has been an annual tradition at CPAVTS for many years, and has been a valuable collaborative process enjoyed by students in the Carpentry, Masonry, Horticulture, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, HVAC, and Welding programs. Hundreds of people flock to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg to showcase their products, and students from each of these programs are present setting up for their own display.

This year marks Carpentry instructor Justin Anderson’s seventh year participating in the show, and it marks Masonry instructor Scott Weber’s inaugural year.

“I’m glad students are still participating in the show,” said Mr. Weber. “When I was a student in 1989 we did work for the show and it was great exposure—my students now are enjoying what they’re building and it’s a great collaborative experience with Carpentry and other programs.”

Carpentry students produce the structures themselves with Masonry providing the stonework (including a fireplace to accompany one of the buildings); Horticulture constructing the pavers and providing landscaping; Electrical Construction and Maintenance completing electrical wiring; HVAC installing necessary plumbing work; and Welding fabricating a metal bench and fire pit.

 “I’ve participated in the show for all three years I’ve been here,” said Jake, a senior from South Middleton School District. “It helps us learn how projects are completed in the workplace—there are deadlines [for the show] that we need to follow, and we have to show up early and stay up late.”

This year, the structures being presented at the show include a 12-foot-by-24-foot shed with two garage doors (a portable garage, if you will); a 12-foot-by-12-foot shed which will be entered into the annual competition held amongst all local career and technical schools; and two “relaxation sheds”, one enclosed and one open—both connected by a pergola.

“[The students] need the exposure,” said Mr. Weber, “especially in the Masonry program. Masonry is the oldest craft in existence, and it’s a hard job that not everyone wants to do, but the demand is only increasing with time. It’s a great opportunity for all of our students [working on the project] to show the public what they can do.”

This year’s show will be held from March 16-19—just about three weeks away!—and the students in all of these programs will be hard at work making sure everything is ready. Over just a couple of days, these students will spend early mornings and long nights setting up their project in the Farm Show Complex for hundreds to see alongside the other exhibitions.