4-5-17 Mini-ThonEvery year, CPAVTS students work hard to develop ideas for giving back to the community, whether through cut-a-thons from the Cosmetology students, landscaping services from the Horticulture and Landscaping students, or pieces donated by the Carpentry program. This year, the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) students hosted a Mini-Thon event to raise money for Four Diamonds.

Four Diamonds is a charity dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer, and it boasts over 70,000 student volunteers across eight states. At CPAVTS, there are many students whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

“We made a sticky note wall called ‘Why Do We Thon?’” said senior Nursing student Corissa from Susquenita. “A lot of students here have been affected by loved ones being diagnosed with cancer—and a few of them wrote that they had been diagnosed themselves. Cancer hits home for me since my cousin was diagnosed with leukemia when she was little.”

Along with Dental students Chelsea from Northern York and Cheyenne from Newport, Corissa organized several activities and fundraising initiatives for the Mini-Thon event, including a dime drive which all programs competed in and the sale of Cumberland Perry necklaces created by the Precision Machine Technology students. In fact, the entire event was a collaborative effort from students in the CPAVTS chapters of HOSA, NTHS, and SkillsUSA. Outside of CPAVTS, local businesses offered their support: Giant Food Stores, Wegmans, NYCE Concrete, Lehman’s Automotive, HJ Towing and Recovery, BowFishing Fish Tales, Dental Health of Silver Spring, and Karen Natkin of MEI Travel. Altogether, the event was an enormous success thanks to the collective efforts of students, staff, and the community.

The Mini-Thon began with a kick-off event and ended with an activity-filled “after-party”, which offered everything from human Hungry Hungry Hippo to a photo booth to an obstacle course. In the days leading up to the after party, students also donated for a "teacher torture" event, where their donations determined which teachers were hit in the face with pies or drenched with ice water.

“I honestly think the kickoff assembly was a lot of fun,” Chelsea said. “If [NTHS] does this again next year, I think we can make it even better!”

The three seniors all remarked at how involved the planning for the event was. Their advisor and other instructors provided assistance, but it was ultimately up to the students to learn how to organize and execute the event.

Said Cheyenne, “It was really fun! You really learn what goes into these big events and how to prepare for them.”

In total, the students raised $2,176.16 for Four Diamonds—just under $680.00 more than their goal of $1,500.00 in donations!