4-24-17 Jacob Brandt FeatureCPAVTS prides itself on the fact that its students don’t have to wait until after they graduate to see the fruits of their hard work, and one student in Brenton Yaukey’s Automotive Collision program has taken this to a new level. Jacob Brandt, a senior from Cumberland Valley High School, used the skills he would be learning as stepping stones towards a personal project.

When Jacob’s grandfather bequeathed a beat-up 1957 Chevrolet truck to him, Jacob brought it to school with him and set out to refurbish it himself. Each test passed in his program gave him license to complete another part of the project, and now, his hard work has finally paid off.

“[The truck’s] been here for about two years now,” Jacob said. “I had to line up all the panels, straighten out the dents, cut new metal panels to build the bed, prime and paint it—plus a lot of other things!”

Once a lackluster arrangement of rusted metal, the vehicle is now boasts a rust-colored sheen instead. Jacob’s dedication to his studies is what afforded him the opportunity to complete the refurbishing himself.

“I let him bring it in because he passed all of the tasks he needed to actually do the work himself,” said Mr. Yaukey. “Basically, he’s just a really good student, and I’m proud of the work he’s done.”

Pictured here is Jacob proudly standing in front of his finished product—certainly a far cry from what the truck looked like before! As an added bonus, the practice he received from working on the vehicle also prepared him for his participation in the SkillsUSA District and State Competitions, the latter of which he is competing in this week.

Said Jacob, “I learned a lot from the experience—how to do body work, how to do measurements from all the pieces I had to cut, and a lot about the painting process. It also helped a lot in participating in Skills!”

Jacob is a fantastic student with many achievements under his belt including this one. We are proud to have him as a student of Cumberland Perry!


Pictured below is Jacob still putting work into the truck--long before it came to look as fantastic as it is in the photo above!

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