Computer Programming is a course beginning at CPAVTS this year, and with it comes the trials that tend to emerge with such new additions. Instructor Kyle Lehman spent a busy   summer preparing the curriculum and his classroom for the school year, and so far has one week of school under his belt. He took some time to share his thoughts on how those  first days went and what he hopes to achieve as the program matures:


What did you do before coming to work at Cumberland Perry AVTS?


“I wrote software for about ten years and did a lot of consulting work for tons of different industries—food and beverage, the Department of Defense, marketing. It was a lot of variety!”


What made you decide you wanted to teach?

“I’m passionate about helping students learn, and about helping them learn about an industry that provides a lot of job opportunities. I went on an outreach trip to India where I interacted with students from many different kinds of schools, and I enjoyed that time with them.”


How has your first week been?

“The teaching is going well, I really enjoy it. I’m enjoying every minute of it so far, so the days go by really fast!”


What part of the curriculum are you looking most forward to teaching?

“I’ll be teaching five college courses as part of this class, and logical thinking will be a key part of that. They’ll all be about one core thing—learning to take larger problems and break them into smaller parts.”


What’s the most important thing you hope to impart on your students?

“To teach them relationships. I want to teach them what real respect and interpersonal interactions look like—teach them those social skills that will take them anywhere in life. Anyone can teach math; this is something that sticks with you beyond that.”


Thank you to Mr. Lehman for taking time out of his hectic schedule to provide his insight!