9th Grade Night is an annual tradition at Cumberland Perry AVTS, where students can experience a hands-on look at two programs of their choice and get a more specialized look than they would during a typical tour.  Instructors held multiple activities for the 9th graders to complete during the hour spent in each of their chosen programs, which showcased some of the tasks students in those programs could be expected to perform. These are just some of the highlights of the activities students completed during the night:

In the Carpentry program, 9th graders were given a blueprint for a birdhouse, then shown how to build it using a regular hammer and then a battery-powered nail gun to demonstrate multiple ways to put something together.

Students touring the Precision Machining program learned how to operate CNC mills and CNC lathes, and how the G code for these machines performed its various functions. Each 9th grader made a do nothing, a cup coaster, and a small mind game (“How do you get the washer off the round bar?”) using these machines.

The Nursing program demonstrated proper glove removal, simulating “germs” with shaving cream to show how to avoid the skin when taking off gloves. 9th graders also performed some effective communication exercises, along with some basics in dealing with visual and hearing impairments. Finally, students learned how to properly apply and remove Personal Protective Equipment (a gown, mask, and gloves) to demonstrate proper infection control.

In Masonry, students learned proper block and brick laying techniques; they spread mortar and got to practice the skills they were taught.

Students touring Automotive Collision learned how to remove and install taillights and wheels, and how to solder wires together.

This year’s 9th Grade Night saw a huge increase from last year’s—from around 60 student attendees to just shy of 100! See below for some photos from the event: