Image result for skillsusaThe SkillsUSA series of competitions is an annual staple at CPAVTS, and usually there are students who move on from the district level to the state level. This year, out of two dozen students, twenty placed first, second, or third. Two of those students are Anthony Cleary and Amiah Dolan, students in the Electronics Technology and Nursing programs, who placed first in their respective categories.

“There were seven others competing alongside me,” Anthony said. “We each had to complete a written test, three breadboarding challenges, two soldering challenges, and two online troubleshooting challenges.”

A “breadboard” is a tool used in prototyping electronics that uses no soldering. The two challenges required Anthony to build a circuit according to the schematics provided and then gather test data.

The competitions are always stressful for the students participating; the morning is marked by anxious anticipation for the event, and there’s only a brief reprieve before the tension that comes with listening to the announcing of the results. 

Said Amiah, “It was nerve-wracking waiting for the awards. I have a hard-to-pronounce name, so when the announcer was joking about mispronouncing the third place winner’s name, I was afraid it would be mine! But then he said my name as the first place winner, and I was so excited!”

The students who placed first in the competition will be moving on to the SkillsUSA State Competition in April.  Below are all of the students who earned one of the top three spots in their categories—congratulations to these Cumberland Perry students on their hard work and success!


Advertising Design 1st Place – Carlee Kubistek

Automotive MLR 3rd Place – Aniika Craddock

Automotive Technology 2nd Place – Austin Hale

Customer Service 1st Place – Haley Rhoads

Carpentry 2nd Place – Anthony Christiana

CNC Milling 2nd Place – Dakota Harrison

Dental 2nd Place – Kyrsten Brown

Diesel 1st Place – Braiden Stauffer

Early Childhood Education 1st Place – Luanne Narvett

Electronics Technology 1st Place - Anthony Cleary

Graphics 2nd Place – Alissa Coffey

HVAC 1st Place – Jarrett Blake

Industrial Motor Control 3rd Place – Colby Rigg

Information Services Technology 1st Place – Dalton Kiner

Masonry 2nd Place – Jeremy Baker

Nail Care 1st Place – Charlotte Bink and Model Caitlyn Youkers

Nurse Assistant 1st Place - Amiah Dolan

Precision Machine Technology 3rd Place – Will Knouse

Residential Wiring 3rd Place – Matt Becker

Welding 1st Place – Eric Montefour