Melissa is a graduate of Big Spring High School and the Advertising Art & Design Program.alumni spotlight- march 2018

She has made wonderful use of her experience at CPAVTS by continuing her work in the world of art and design—everything from freelance and internships, to directing an advertising agency! So many possibilities in this career and it sounds like Melissa is doing it all!

Melissa has recently been in contact with her CPAVTS teacher, Mrs. Lenker-Badorf. She graciously accepted the opportunity to have her career thus far featured with us.

Here is what she had to say:

What is your job title and what do you do?

“I am currently an Art Director at an all-service advertising agency called Akins Parker in Downtown Santa Ana, CA. We are privately owned boutique with many projects ranging from print to web. I mostly work with our hotels and hospitality clientele to create catalogs, brochures, stationary, in-room collateral, posters, signage, and other print or multimedia pieces.”


What other employment have you had related to your program areas at CPAVTS?

“I have had internships- Web Design Intern with JPL Creative located in Harrisburg, PA and Marketing Web Design Intern, with Disc Makers in Pennsauken, NJ. I was a part-time employee with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, and MBA & MS Marketing as a Graphic Designer within Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, PA. I did freelance design work with both From the Roots Fitness in Philadelphia and Juvo+ in Monrovia, CA.”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“My high school didn’t have any classes that developed further than color theory when it came to design. CPAVTS provided a program for me to learn the Adobe Creative software and design principles while honing my skills with “real life” work experiences.”


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“Of course, the friends that I made at CPAVTS and the fun we had is something I remember fondly. But my favorite memory of the AA&D program, was prepping the room for open house and visiting schools. I loved watching everyone’s best work get put out on display for parents and prospective students to see. It reminded me of when I visited and saw all the beautiful work and decided on the spot that this is where I belonged!”


Upon graduating from CPAVTS, Melissa completed the Graphic Design course at HACC and continued her education at Temple’s Tyler School of Art, College — Graphic & Interactive Design