Greetings from Cumberland Perry AVTS.


On Friday, April 13th, we will be administering the NOCTI Performance Test to all seniors. The NOCTI Test is a program specific test, comprised of two parts – a multiple-choice Written Exam and a hands-on Performance Exam.


Listed below are the specifics for the one day Performance exam on April 13th:


  • Arrangements have been made with all our sending schools to keep All 10th and 11th grade students at their home school for Friday, April 13th. With the exception of three year completing juniors from Big Spring, West Shore, and Cumberland Valley and students who might be helping their instructors with NOCTI set-up.  
  • 12th grade students will spend either their normal half-day at CPAVTS or the entire day at CPAVTS, depending on the length of their NOCTI Exam.   A list of your seniors and their specific testing time have been sent to our sending schools.
  • Seniors testing in the half-day format will ride sending school district transportation to and from school as usual.
  • Seniors testing for the full day will eat lunch provided by CPAVTS and choose one of these transportation options:
    • Ride sending school district transportation to school and arrange their own transportation home (AM morning students).
    • Arrange transportation to CPAVTS and ride sending school district transportation home (PM afternoon students).
    • Obtain a one-day parking permit and drive to and from CPAVTS.         Students will be permitted to carpool only with parental permission.

                  (CPAVTS will secure all parental permission for all options.)

  • Sending Schools will contact their transportation and food service staff to inform them of these changes.
  • All seniors testing for the full day will remain at CPAVTS for our entire school day (8:00 am – 3:00 pm)


Albert Parrillo PhD, LPC, GCDF

Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services

Cumberland Perry AVTS