Annual CPAVTS Safety Day

Cumberland Perry AVTS Safety Day began in full-force, with students viewing demonstrations from various local firefighters dismantling a vehicle before your eyes. Utilizing the “jaws of life” machinery, they could show students how they would work to rescue trapped occupants in a car accident. Cumberland County Mobile Command Center put you in the seat for an actual emergency experience.ay, Friday, May 11, 2018

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s office sent Keisel, their K-9 Officer, in uniform and ready for any explosive action that was going to occur. Silver Spring Township Police Department had a police car available for students to “test” what it would be like to ride in a cruiser from the criminal perspective. Lower Allen Police Department was in attendance as well, bringing extra gear for students to “suit-up” and test. Summit Search and Rescue had Man-Trailing Bloodhounds ready to track down any students planning to escape campus.

BACA (Biker’s Against Child Abuse) returned to offer their legendary “ring the soda bottle” game, and the DCNR Forestry had the fire patrol vehicle and equipment used to extinguish forest fires. Also returning were The Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue crew, with four rescue dogs from foster homes available for students to handle; and Artist Neil McMillen showed off his artistic talents by doing caricatures of students again.

Not to be completely outdone, CPAVTS student organizations hosted many concessions for safety day attendees. FFA had a super sundae bar, NTHS collaborated with Advertising students for face painting, and FCCLA sold delicious treats and cold drinks. On the recreational side of the fun, was Criminal Justice, putting students up to the test in their police officer agility training course! There were also some student organized sports to enjoy, like volleyball, soc

cer and ladder ball games.

Thank you to all for joining us and supporting the CPAVTS Safety Day 2018!