Electrical Construction Maintenance Apprenticeship Possibilities

As far as jobs that are high in demand, Electrical Construction and Maintenance is among the top. Students at Cumberland Perry AVTS have many opportunities available to them compared to those in a typical high school setting. Upon graduation, students from CPAVTS “jump ahead” to year two of their training once they are accepted into their apprenticeship.

One option students may apply for is the NJATC (National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) Curriculum, level II students may receive advanced placement into the apprenticeship program by the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). Student will be learning crucial skills regarding conduit fabrication, code standards, DC theory, motor controls, and blueprints. There are currently 26 level II students enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year.

Level III seniors that participate in cooperative education with a member of (IEC) Independent Electrical Contractor, receive advanced placement into the first year of their apprenticeship program. Students will receive training regarding safety, lighting systems, transformers, and mechanical skills. There are three seniors currently participating in this program who are employed by BBEC Inc. (Mechanicsburg, PA), and Hull’s Electric (Gettysburg, PA).

The apprenticeship program includes many beneficial offers, such as “earn as you learn” with valuable credentials lasting for a lifetime. There are progressive increases in wages as you complete apprenticeship journeyman work, and classroom instruction is also a great benefit.