Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have an authentic Italian dinner?  Students at Cumberland Perry have created this ambience for the Joint Operating Committee members to enjoy for the first time at the September 24th meeting with a wood fired pizza oven.  This evening meeting meets monthly and brings board members from the 13 different districts whose students attend Cumberland Perry AVTS.

Four masonry students spent roughly 60 hours over a 3 week time frame designing, constructing, and accomplishing the largest pizza oven that has been completed by students to date.  It was student designed and built requiring 6 different tasks including a semi-circle arch opening.  The price for a pizza over varies beginning around $1,500, and the one constructed is estimated to be worth around $4,000.  The oven was originally constructed to accent other pieces Carpentry students built for the PA Home Builder’s Show.

Let us give you an idea of the tremendous amount of “teamwork” involved in this project.  Carpentry constructed the roof for the pizza oven.  After the 5 pitch roof was framed, the tin and drip edge were added to water proof the structure.  A level three senior finished the 50”x 58” roof in just two afternoons.  

A metal door was needed to finish the oven to keep the heat in but allow air gaps to keep the fire going.  Welding used a 1/8” thick piece of stainless steel to make the removable door.  Two students spent two afternoons designing the layout and implicating the finished door.  Chipping handles welded to 3/8” round stock steel make for an appealing architectural design.  Students used the plasma cam software to cut the arch opening out. 

But it doesn’t stop there….

Horticulture also cut and supplied the kindling used to maintain the fire and HVAC was able to lend their torch enabling culinary students to start the fire. 

Culinary students prepared the authentic Italian meal.  Tossed salad with Italian vinaigrette started the first of three courses.  The Joint Operating Committee members were given a choice of Margherita, meat lovers, Neapolitan, or garden vegetable pizza as the entrée course.  Dessert was a chocolate mousse accompanied by Pizzelles an Italian waffle cookie.  A pizza oven can get over 500 degrees, so the pizza must be spun every 10 seconds in order to prevent burning.  To fully cook a pizza takes only a few minutes. 

This was an “educationally enriching collaboration experience” for the six programs involved and a more than delicious treat for the JOC members.  “Buon Appetito!”