Senior Seminar is a student directed course that prepares seniors with necessary employability skills before entering the workforce.  A student will have eighteen class sessions before graduation at CPAVTS.  Teacher lead instruction and guest speakers present topics regarding work place safety and legal information.  CPAVTS’s own administration speaks to students regarding taxes, budgets, and savings. 

Properly completing an application is the first step in securing an employment offer.  During the first quarter of senior seminar students will draft a resume, cover letter, gather references, and create their hiring portfolio. Interview preparations will take place and beginning the second quarter, mock interviews will be conducted in student programs.  After interview tips, questions, and preparations have concluded, students work on proper thank you letter etiquette.  Communication skills, time management, and proper resignation procedures are also covered.

Mrs. Angela Barlup from Belco Community Credit Union spent time with the seniors speaking about budgeting, financial goals, and the importance of savings.   Students need to have the skills to be financially independent since CPAVTS prepares them to jump right into the workforce after graduation in June.  She reiterates to students that “Your credit score is a financial report card”. 

Cumberland Perry AVTS prepares students for real world growth.