Students at Cumberland Perry AVTS are partnering in the “Battle of the Kings” competition with Appalachian Harley Davidson.   This cycle customization challenge is a competition among Harley Davidson dealerships partnering with vocational technical schools globally to see who has the talent to be called the “King”.

Students at Cumberland Perry AVTS will tear apart a fully assembled Harley Davidson motorcycle and fabricate it with design ideas personalized by instructors and students.  There are 12 students ready for the challenge!  Students on the team are from various programs at Cumberland Perry AVTS; Advertising Art & Design, Auto Collision, Auto Tech, Precision Machine, and Welding.   

This battle has a few pertinent guidelines.  Students at Cumberland Perry AVTS had to be recommended by their instructor with ability and desire to be on the battle team.  Work on the motorcycle must be completed off the clock, after school hours, weekends, or holidays.  The budget is to not spend half as much as the initial cost of the original bike.  The timeframe to complete the battle challenge is from January 1 through March 15! 

The reveal of the motorcycle is scheduled for April 15, 2019.   Stay tuned to see the finished challenge cycle!