coop spotlight- march 2019

Last year when Faith DelliGatti was a junior at Mechanicsburg High School, she knew she wanted a change. She was tired of learning in the traditional classroom which consisted of sitting behind a desk, taking notes, and then studying for tests. So that fall, Faith and her mother ventured out to Cumberland Perry AVTS’s open house to explore options for her senior year. Faith had a pretty good idea of the programs that suited her strengths before the visit. After meeting Malena Perry, Horticulture/Landscaping teacher, she knew without a doubt that is where she wanted to spend her senior year. As a first year student in a 3 year program, Faith has absorbed as much information as she can and has excelled at every task she have been given. Now, half-way through her senior year, she is gainfully employed by The JDK Group through the Cooperative Education program at CPAVTS. Starting out as an apprentice, each day is filled with a new adventure. Meeting with clients, writing formal wedding proposals, assisting with floral productions, laying out venue details, modifying Excel spreadsheets, and onsite installation for social events are all part of her daily functions. Upon graduation, she will be promoted to a “Specialist” which will encompass more responsibility and growth. Faith’s inner drive to be successful, paired with the guidance of Ms. Perry, has set Faith’s career pathway in the right direction.