The Home and Garden Show that Cumberland Perry participates in yearly, is not just for the carpenters and landscapers.  One-third of CPAVTS programs assist in this massive collaboration of exhibits. 

Carpentry students designed and built the structures based on photos.  The first structure was a 12x12 she shed with sliding doors, a loft, and hardwood floors.  The pergola and hanging bed project would accentuate the she shed tremendously.  The outdoor bar features 12 seats, in an octagonal shape, with a live edge counter top utilizing the wood mizer saw mill, accentuated with cabinets and a metal roof.  The 24x36 monitor barn structure, features 6 stalls with 6 hay shoots on the second floor.  It includes sliding barn doors and T 111 siding. 

Landscaping was an essential aspect of the show.  Students in Horticulture built a retaining wall by the hydroponics system that featured a cobblestone patio, with furniture that appeared campfire ready.  The she-shed was accompanied by a water fountain made from leaf casts.  Horticulture students also had an exclusive stand where customers could purchase plants and fresh cut flowers.  Students featured a make and take event for customers to take a cork and hollow it out to place an air plant inside.  Decorations were also displayed throughout the building area with repurposed skids and succulent plants.

Welding students assisted in the show, by fabricating braces for the outside bar using the plasma cam,  to design tractor cut outs, to correlate the roof and the bar seats.  The outdoor grill needed to have doors, a grilling area, and chimney cover which welding skillfully fabricated. The barn was in need of stall separators and window metal grids and the horticulture fountain needed brackets to hold the leaves all of which welding was able to assist with.   

Once welding fabricated the braces and conduit, auto collision students were ready with black paint!  Students painted 16 chairs and braces for the bar area along with all the braces needed for the wall supports in the outside bar area. 

Masonry students built a wood/charcoal grill out of brick, and a natural stone grill for the outside kitchen area that featured a granite top.  Students assisted with the outdoor kitchen and granite top.  Masonry students were able to construct their portion of the projects at CPAVTS and load them on trailers to take to the show.  Students also installed architectural stone on the she-shed.

Loading and unloading is a term used daily by the logistics students.  They stacked all the lumber on the trailers and secured it with steel bands on the trailers to be hauled to the show.  Students operate forklifts to load the sheds and various projects onto the trailer beds.  All the materials were loaded at the builder show, and then unloaded at CPAVTS at the end of the show. 

To set the ambience in the bar area Electrical Construction students had to wire the rustic wagon wheel lighting fixture.  Electrical students ran the temporary power to all the structures and exhibits at the show.  Conduit and switches were run to light the bar area, barn, and she-shed. 

HVAC students assisted all programs with muscle power and tasks.  Students aided on projects such as roofing, deliveries, tool retrieval, maneuvering, and collaborating team members with tasks.

Four CPAVTS students won the competition against another local CTC and 2 local construction companies for where they had only three hours to build three walls in a 4x6 structure with only a blue print.  There was one masonry student, one electrician student, and two carpentry students allowed per team in the three hour competition.  Team members had to complete three out of four walls which included electric, rafters, staircase, and a block foundation that had to be anchor bolted.  Winners received t-shirts and gift cards to various eateries and stores. 

These projects are bided on and when purchased, they are delivered and installed by the students.  All the profits are then used for scholarships or tool packages for seniors.  CPAVTS is proud of the hard work and determination their students’ exhibit for these collaboration projects.