The Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) at Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School is designed to acquaint students with the world of work in their related programs and give them the work-based learning opportunities which cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

Students placed in the program enter at an entry-level position. The combination of job experience and a well-written training plan gives students opportunities for continual advancement in their chosen field.

  • All seniors are eligible with a recommendation from their program instructor
  • Recommendations are based on skill, attitude, work ethic, and attendance 

Benefits of Cooperative Education

For the employer:

  • A cost effective method of evaluating the potential of future employees
  • An opportunity to bring the latest technical skills and techniques into the organization
  • A year-round supply of well-trained, highly motivated students who want to learn
  • Relief for permanent professionals during peak work periods
  • Develop a work force of young people who have employment skills
  • No recruitment costs, higher employee retention, and reduced training costs
  • Community recognition for being a partner in education
  • Develops good relationships between business and young people and their parents

For the student:

  • Explore potential career interests
  • Develop professional work habits and improve human relations skills
  • Gain practical, on-the-job, career-related experience before graduation
  • Improve the chances of permanent employment
  • Defray the costs of education
  • Make more effective educational and career choices
  • Develop maturity and self confidence
  • Earn a wage in their desired occupation
  • Land that "first job" in the occupation desired as a career

Cumberland Perry AVTS currently has 41 seniors enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program, while 77 took advantage of the program during the 2018-19 school year.