Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Baney


What is the most significant new or different aspect to your program this year?

"We are working with the local apprenticeship programs to intergrate their 1st year apprenticeship program into our curriculum. This will give our students an advantage when finding a job after graduation."


What are some of the more common career pathways your students take when they leave CPAVTS?

“Most of the students that complete this program are accepted into an apprenticeship program to become journeyman electrician. However the base knowledge is the same for getting a head start on an Electrical Engineering Degree in college.”


What particular training/unit do employers seek that helps students get their foot in the door?

“I think that all of the things that are taught in my class are important to employers. Employers in this industry are looking for well-rounded entry level apprentices with basic knowledge and skills.”


What is some of the recent technology and/or trends in the profession with which students become familiar?

“Motor Controls are a big deal in this area. We are a major shipping hub and students should be able to troubleshoot these circuits. LED lighting is taking over the industry.”


What unit/topic do students struggle with the most in your program? Why do you think that is?

“The students seem to struggle with conduit bending the most. There is a lot of formulas and techniques that need to be remembered. Conduit bending takes a long time to master and I think some students get frustrated that they don’t get it right away.”


Explain a typical day in your program.

“Students arrive and change into their program uniforms. We then have a 20-30 minute lecture. After the lecture students work in the lab on their projects. 1st year students work on residential wiring projects, 2nd year students work on commercial wiring projects, and 3rd year students are either on Co-Op or looking for Co-op opportunities.”


What advice would you give students who have completed your program?

“Put your time in.”


How many years have you been at CPAVTS?

“This is my 5th year at CPAVTS.”


What is your experience before coming to CPAVTS?

“I am a Master Electrician with over 20 years of field experience in commercial construction, and service. I taught apprenticeship school part time for 2 years and taught post-secondary, full time, for 4 years before starting here.”


Student Spotlight-ECM


Summarize what you learn in your program in one sentence.

 “We learn how to do electrical work in a safe controlled environment.”


 What is the hardest part of your program?

“Doing lectures, and getting to understand the workforce.”


What is the most fun part of your program?

“Working hands-on in the shop, constructing projects.”


What is some recent technology you are learning to use in your program that is specific to your profession?

“Motor controls, and green electric.”


What is your plan for after high school?

“To do a four year apprenticeship.”


What is going to be the highlight of the year in your program?

“Dong commercial projects on stud walls.”


What are you proud of learning how to do in your program?

“Hooking up a 100 AMP breaker, then hooking it to various devices.”


Explain a typical day in your program.

“Doing NJATC computer work and then shop work.”


How is your program at CPAVTS different from your other classes you have had in the past?

“The program I take is different because I do physical work, and get to learn something of value to me and my future career.”


What advice would you give to a beginning level 1 student who is just starting the program or to a student who is considering enrolling in the program?

“You should only join this program if you are willing to work to be and electrician, and give it a 110% effort.”