Bryce Baker, a senior from Big Spring High School, is at work each morning while most of his classmates are getting ready for school. He is currently employed by E&G Services Inc., earning an introductory level wage while he participates in the Cooperative Education Program. After 2 years of classroom and hands-on training in the Electrical & Construction Maintenance program at CPAVTS, the transition from the classroom to the work force was an easy one for Bryce. E&G Services enables Bryce to work with state of the art equipment and obtain on-the-job training that is sometimes difficult to simulate in the classroom. While at work, Bryce can be found installing panels, lights, devices, feeders and running conduit as well as many other tasks associated with the electrical field. This year is Bryce’s 4th year at Cumberland Perry AVTS. He started his experience as a 9th grader and took a year of welding to help enhance his skill-set and diversify his abilities for any employer. Bryce’s career path is well in place for a successful future!