Hunter Szczypta is already at work and turning wrenches while most of his classmates are on their way to school each morning. Hunter, a senior from Big Spring High School and enrolled in the Automotive Technology program, is currently employed by Midas Auto Service in Carlisle. As part of the Cooperative Education program, he is capping off his vocational education with some valuable hands on training. When Hunter was in 9th grade, a family member and close friend recommended the Automotive Technology program as a good career path. Hunter enjoyed helping work on this family member’s race car in his spare time and applied for admission in hopes of enhancing this passion. Hunter was soon accepted and after 2 years of classroom and shop floor training at CPAVTS, he has made a smooth transition to the world of work. Each day brings new challenges and adventures to Hunter at Midas. Alignments, A/C service, electrical troubleshooting, mount and balance tires, and brake replacements are all part of the daily task list. Hunter states that he loves the wide variety of jobs he performs and it keeps every day exciting. He also cherishes the fact that he is getting a free education and getting paid when most young adults pay for this same training at the Post-Secondary level. With the mechanical aptitude and personal drive Hunter brings to the table, his pairing with Midas is sure to last well past graduation.