Free money….is there really such a thing?  There is and although it may take time filling out the papers there are many opportunities for students who have an interest in furthering their education. 

CPAVTS students’ have various ways to discover scholarship opportunities available.  There is a scholarship bulletin board posted right outside the Student Services office, weekly announcements address the new scholarships, and counselors even seek student participation. 

For the graduating seniors from CPAVTS, heading to college in fall of 2019, there was over $16,400 delivered to colleges of their choice.  CPAVTS students also have an advantage when they go right into the work force, as many businesses donate tools, tool kits, gift cards, or checks that are distributed to students for a job well done.  Over $15,900 in tools were distributed to seniors along with over $19,800 in gift cards or checks. 

The majority of scholarships have a few requirements or maybe program specific but the opportunities are endless if effort is applied!