These two Cosmetology Alumni came in for services in the Clinic, and we couldn’t resist a touch base with them since graduating. Here is what they have been busy with in industry since leaving CPAVTS.


Describe the company or industry in which you currently work.

“I’m in the Cosmetology Industry still, and it’s pretty exciting.”-Jacaylah

“I currently work for Regis Corporation, which is the largest hair salon chain in the world. They owns brands like Supercuts, SmartStyle, Cost Cutters, First Choice Haircutters, Roosters, and more.”- Scott


What is your job title and what do you do?

“Hair stylist- I do cutting, coloring hair, and waxing.”

“Hair stylist, various services in cosmetology.”


What additional education and training did you receive after leaving CPAVTS?

“CPAVTS prepared me very well. I continue to receive online training provided by Regis”


How was Cumberland Perry different than your regular high school?

“It was, for me, a more relaxed experience in education that was way more rewarding.”

“Just so much better!”


How has your industry changed?

“My industry is always changing, I don’t even know where to begin, trends effect everything.”

“The hair industry is forever changing, as new trends and technology are introduced all the time.”


What is your favorite CPAVTS memory?

“The Talent Shows!”

“The Hair Show field trips we got to go on.”