Instructor Spotlight- Mr. Parson

What are some challenges you have encountered with teaching online?

“My biggest challenge was learning how to present the material. I had to quickly learn several different online platforms. Fortunately, most students are tech savvy and catch on very quickly. An ongoing challenge has been usernames, passwords and access codes. With so many, it’s difficult to keep track of them all”.


What are some challenges and/or benefits with In-Person learning only two days a week?

 “Actually it has made an improvement in the shop. Working with half the students each day, I have enough time to work with each student individually and spend extra time with students who may need it. Also, there isn’t any idle time for students waiting for a particular tool or a workspace. There is plenty for everyone.”


What new Safety measures have been put into place for students working on the shop floor and in the classroom this year?

 “Masks, disinfecting the classroom and common areas after each class, social distancing, limiting the amount of students in the locker room to change, students are encouraged to bring their personal devices instead of using shared shop supplied computers, QR codes have been created so students can use their phones to sign in and out of the shop without having to come in contact with public sign in sheets.”


What is some of the new technology/new teaching techniques you are using with your students this year?

“First year students are using Electude which is a cloud based e-learning system that allows instructors to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Students can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any online device. The school purchased digital textbooks for all the Diesel students. We use Google Classroom to help students organize their work and foster better communication and Google Meet for weekly shop meetings and synchronous learning.”



What are some positive aspects of the hybrid schedule that you foresee incorporating in future learning?

“All the new technology that I’ve been introduced to will be a great asset in future years.”