• What are some challenges and/or benefits you have encountered with teaching online?

 “Challenges are students most are not motivated to do online work.

Benefits are students can earn 650 hours online; if students take advantage of this they could potentially be ahead in hours.”- Mrs. Franklin


“It is not enough for the students just to show up to school- they need to have self-motivation to continue learning and progressing virtually as well.  Over half of their school week is virtual, so it is essential for success.”- Mrs. Miller


What are some challenges and/or benefits with In-Person learning only two days a week?

“Benefits have been smaller class sizes. Students have noticed they have less distractions, can get more done and have more one on one with teacher.

Teacher has more one on one with a student, can spend more time individually with skills and can actually get to know the student more.”

 “Students suggest, there is less stress, less drama.”

 “Less micromanagement of classroom behavior.”


“Benefits: students are more focused and less distracted with the amount of students in the classroom this year. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and can easily see the demonstrations.”


 What new Safety measures have been put into place for students working on the shop floor and in the classroom this year?

“Students are in every other station, state board only allows Cosmetology to be at 50% capacity.

Students must wear masks, googles, gloves etc.  More disinfecting of equipment, products, stations, etc.

Social Distancing is a must which has also been a challenge.”


 “All the safety items required for the school and from the State Board of Cosmetology.  We need to abide by both to ensure compliance of all regulations.” 


What are some examples of new technology/new teaching techniques you are using with your students this year?

“This year we are using a platform which houses our textbook and workbook on line, it also tracks student’s hours. This has been greatly beneficial as I can teach hands on while they are in person, go over the lesson on google meet that the students have been assigned onine, so I am still teaching the material to the students.”


“Special exceptions have been granted by the State Board of Cosmetology to allow students to continue learning virtually.  This is not a permanent change and is only granted to allow students the opportunity to still get their education and earn their license when there are so many limitations in the world right now outside of their control.”


What are some positive aspects of the hybrid schedule that you foresee incorporating in future learning?

"Small class sizes and one-to-one instruction."